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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Donnays at 50 and under? Man, the only way I could keep the easy power of the Dark Red at bay was to go high 50s. But I think the Black is less powerful.

Have you played around at all with the buttcaps? The slides don't really do anything, in my opinion, but the buttcaps really can do funky things with the balance. I know you're probably doing the smart thing by keeping the Prestige-like weight and balance and probably not messing, but man, when I put the 10g cap into my dark red, it was BOMBS. AWAY. on serve. Still miss the ease of those aces and service winners with the DR in hand.
Gads, what kind of string were you using? I have another Black coming with the buttcaps, so I know I will add the 5 gram for sure. This racquet swings so light that it kind of freaks me out sometimes. I have it at 12ozs and it feels like 13 when you pick it up, but it swings like it is 11.5. It is completely nuts how that works.

It got so humid last night that my tourna was soaked within an hour, and I had to grab my PC600 for a bit (this is why I always buy 2 sticks..the FL get one grip wet and grab another stick while the 1st dries, rinse and repeat). Seemless transition, went to it like there was nothing changed in terms of timing. As for more differences, here is what I noticed :

1. the prestige does not allow me to hit certain shots as easily. Mainly, the "oh sh*t, I have to stay open stance and topspin the crap out of this shot to have a chance at getting it back in and not destroyed for a winner".

2. The Pc600 has less power. Not a huge revelation, but the pc600 I have is in the mid 40s with a multi and is easily controallble without too much spin needed. You can still crush shots with the prestige, but I am more focused

3. The Donnay is a drop shot machine. The touch I can put on this ball is what can give me a more dynamic game. I can bash people back off the baseline and then dropshot them. I like that combo. I have always used dropshots to draw in a player and set up a passing shot, and that is a pretty easy play to setup with this racquet. the Prestige is not as good for this, but it can be done..just not as easily.

4. The prestige prefers a flatter swing path. Hitting with aggressive low to high top is not a great idea with the prestige, while the donnay will not only give you pace and depth, but also allows you to hit a flat ball too if you want. I like to vary it up, and I just have to watch myself and not get too wristy with my shots.

5. Both are awesome for full poly in the 40s. You can not go wrong with either if you like full poly and value your health in the process.

6. The balance of the prestige is perfection. You can not mess with a good thing..I love the balance on the prestige so much. For some reason it just makes you swing properly. The great thing is that I can easily match the balance with the 5 gram buttcap on the donnay.

7. Feel of the donnay is actually growing on me. A sweetspot flatter hit is pluuuush and loud. A topspin brush shot is disarmingly quiet but it comes off the stringbed hot and kicks hard and off into the side of a righty. I can't get that type of action with the prestige. trajectory of the prestige is lower, while the Donnay is higher but I can hit deep with both sticks. Deep with the Donnay is like I am wondering if the shots going to drop in for me, but hey almost always do. People who have never played me before have trouble adjusting to it unless they are stronger players who know how to deal with heavy spin, and then it becomes a pleasureable experience for both of us because the rallies are long and we are both hitting hard.

Hopefully this detail helps people out who can not demo the donnays because they are so unique that it is real tough to compare them to anything. If I had a complaint, it is that the bumpers probably need head tape. I will most likely have to get some for the top..I don't think that really affects the weight or balance by much but I could be wrong.

Besides that, I am pretty happy to be out of demoing racquets even though I really enjoyed my run with the prestige. I think you have to hit a competitive point where you realize that there is no perfect stick and it is time to pick what will win you matches. The most matches I won was with the Babolat apdc. I will never go back to that racquet because it had no feel, was super stiff, had a thick beam, everyone used it, and it was hard to string under 50#s, and was too powerful. It still was a beast stick and I appreciate what can be done with it, but I came up in the thin beam era and associate thick beams with the wilson hammer no matter how many times I try and get past it. The donnay hits like a lower powered apdc, but has touch and feel, serves better and is a solid racquet. I am not really honeymooning with this racquet after all the info I have shared. Honeymoning to me is where you can not wait to play with the stick, it feels perfect, your shotmaking is sex and you feel like a god. This is more of a nice relaxed feeling of where I made my decision and realize that nothing is perfect, but this racquet is best for my style of play.

I have some solinco tourbite coming, and I think that, the b5e or the Black Magic will end up working for me just fine.

This was my racqeutaholuic rambling. Hopefully it makes some kind of sense since I typed it on and off all morning.
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