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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Is it bad I dont even know what it is and I want one?

What is that thing?
WORD! Looks tasty. Where can I get one?

Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
AQ -- had a '84 rx7 gsl. poop brown. 5 speed manual. sunroof. and kick azz pop up headlamps. drove like a champ and for its day - pretty fast. looked it up, 0-60 in 8 seconds. so a minivan is faster but i got mine up to 120+ mph back in the day. woot.

jrstriker -- i had dead poly/syn gut last night and it didn't feel nearly as magical as fresh alu. a lot less than magical. fortunately my game isn't dependent on hitting the strings very hard or sometimes at all. 6-0, 6-3 for middle aged slice and dice. woot again.

chris downs -- so the kai rabert isn't just chicken with basil minus the basil? i thought it's very similar. both sweet, spicy with fish sauce. not sure what else they are adding to their recipe.
Hurray!!! for Middle aged slice and dice! LOL!

I swear of the racket had no strings and just a flat surface made out of the same stuff as the frame, I'd be world champ. Frame shots are a weapon

BTW- My other two rackets are strung up with a big ace/ Maxim Touch hybrid and that felt pretty good too. Not magical though.
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