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Zap, as much as I liked the NSX, it is not on-par with Ferrari. Ferrari is about the passion of driving, while the NSX is not. NSX is a copy of it, telling the Italians that yes, Japanese can make a car and perform nearly as good as Italian’s exotics. Very much like the 1st generation MR2, a copy of a 308. The motor in the NSX is always lack luster with its 290bhp 6 cyl., even for its days, it wasn’t impressive. I know you’re a Honduh boy, but c’mon, really?

The Corvette with its LS7 is impressive for the price, but it’s a vette, it doesn’t have the prestige of their Italian competitions. Vette comes with plastic dash, doors, trunks, OHV motor, well, you get what you paid for, yes?
Good, cheap, fast, pick 2 out of 3!!
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