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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
I was comapring a Vette to an NSX. Just from a performance standpoint.

For the price of used NSX you can get a mid 2000's ZO6. From a performance standpoint that ZO6 will compete just fine with an NSX. Add in the fact that vette parts are a dime a dozen and its way chaeper to own a better performing vette than an NSX.

The only car I would remoltey compare to Italian counterparts would have been the Ford GT which for 150 thousand was a huge value. But Im sure was no where near as refined. Those Italian Supercars just have the styling.
I understand your comparison of NSX and Vette. As performance and bang for the buck goes, a Z06 will stomp a NSX stock for stock. The old saying, there is no replacement for displacement is the truth, but quality and reliability is a different issue.

Personally, 2012 Nissan "Skyline" GTR is probably the prefer choice as for dollar value, performance, handling, and technology goes...imo
Good, cheap, fast, pick 2 out of 3!!
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