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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Ross it is cheap, so if you hate it, no biggie.

Disclaimer, I string my own. Highly reccomend it since it saves cash and no wait on sticks. It also makes me more open minded to trying string. That being said, I did not like a lot of full poly strings in the Tfight besides Hex.

Surprisingly, hybrids felt fantastic. Synth gut crosses and poly mains.
Yeah, always curious re strings/mods/tensions re the TF. Might hunt some Hexonic down. You've also got me curious with that remark about hybrids. I hadn't previously even contemplated anything other than full polys for the TF as I imagined it was kind of made for full polys.

Can see my racketaholic/string-head ways getting even more out of hand if I strung for myself ... Q. How long does it take to be able to string for yourself competently?

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