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took me a while because I am very bad at :

simple concepts like tying knots

patience and not rushing

freeing up the time to do it.

Even with that against me, I still love it now. It saves me money..lots of money. Also allows me to not have to wait on a stringer. I dont have to plan out when to drop off and pick up racquets anymore. Can tinker with whatever string setups I want, and then just cut the string out if I hate big deal.

If you lived near me, id sell you my dropweight for cheap so you could try it out. Use that thing for 6 months and you may get into it and upgrade a little like I did (saves time..allows me even better accuracy). Since I can't do that, Id reccomend hunting down a used klippermate and learning on that. Use one of your racquets that you dont use much and a cheap synth gut for 2-3 string jobs and you will be good to go.
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