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Originally Posted by el sergento View Post
At the end of the day, the ball makes contact with the string, not the racquet. As much as you've obsessed over racquets, you'll soon find that stringing can be just as addictive.

There's also something really rewarding about stringing your own, you feel like you're more connected to the racquet and more in control.

Also, you can't fully know a racquet until you've explored all her nooks and crannies
Yes sir!, good post.
I have strung my own frames since I was 11 and would never let anyone string for me. I know my sticks are exactly as I like when I step on court and it gives me a small boost of confidence. The day before an important match I allways string 3-4 frames and for some reason I take my time double checking everything when stringing, these days I use around 35-40 mins on a single stringjob, normally I use around 20 min if Im not in a hurry. It has become some kind of ritual for me - new strings and new tourna grip XL, then I know everything is perfect and I can go to bed knowing that Im ready for tomorrow!.
I love doing a good job and I enjoy stringing for ppl who is interested in strings and know what the like and dont like. Its great when ppl appreciate a good stringjob, but when ppl just say "just give me some kind of cheap strings" and dont even know what tension they like, then its a bit annoying at times.
But I think Ross could end up being a string addict. Today we got so many good strings to choose between, it was much easier 20 years ago.
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