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Default Tsonga's frame, mystery solved...

Hi everybody,

some months ago I posted pics of Tsonga's Aeropro in an other thread. I explained that the frame was extended. However there still was an unsolved question, was it the GT or non-GT version? I just noticed yesterday when I saw a commercial APDGT (yes I'm not really fast...) that the "GT technology" fibers (the tungsten) don't appear on my frame but on the commercial you can clearly see some kind of fibers! This part on Tsonga's frame is just plain black, no fibers! So now I assume that Tsonga's frame is a non-GT Aeropro drive +. Maybe now he's changed, but at one moment he played with the non-GT version.

Length: 69.9 cm
Weight: 346gr (strung, dampener, without overgrip)
Balance: 33.1 cm
Gripsize: #4 (4 1/2)
Silicone in handle
Syntec grip
Babolat Cutom Damp Aero (with the small plastic part containing the "balls")

One more time the pics:

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