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Originally Posted by 10ispro View Post
The device has had many names over many years. It was developed by Lenny Schloss who used to own/run Baltimore Tennis and Fitness aka Hilton.

When I was teaching in Baltimore, I spent a couple years helping the Baltimore Tennis Patrons with their winter and Summer programs and we used this device. Originally it was called something else, then when we had it it was called the Accuhit. Each time, something is tweaked to improve it. Could be as simple as the mounting system or whatever--then the name changes.

Then It was changed to HAL.

now apparently its called the Eye Coach.

Baltimore Tennis and Fitness used (maybe still do) offer free 30min lessons, majority of which would be spent using this device to create muscle memory. Then they would go into dead ball feeding and slowly into rallying.

It can help develop a feel for topspin bc its a visual as well as a kinesthetic aid. Also helps establish timing.
there are a ton of drills to use on the device.

I recommend using an older racquet bc if you mishit, and hit the frame of the device, u can break strings or even a frame.

Its a cool device, just never caught on mainstream teaching
Interesting to hear that people break strings or frames.

We did not hit the device hard at all. Instead, he wanted me to go very slowly so he could watch for problems.

For instance, one problem I had was that I used my LH incorrectly. In my normal stroke, I extend the LH just as we've all been taught. No issues there. For some reason, I wasn't able to extend the LF -- perhaps because The Contraption was kind of in the way mentally. So I had to do the drills with my LH behind my back. After all, we were working on contact point, and at contact you don't have your LH pointing at the ball.

I would think there would be less value in just whacking the thing as hard as you can, but maybe that would be useful to address different issues than I am having.

Anyway, I had a match yesterday in very windy conditions. I wasn't able to do a thing with this new tweak to my strokes. Had to go back to my old stroke, which still generates topspin but not as much. Then I went out and did some drop feeding. I'm starting to feel it, but it takes a lot of thought to change the old and install the new . . . .
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