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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Even with that against me, I still love it now. It saves me money..lots of money. Also allows me to not have to wait on a stringer. I dont have to plan out when to drop off and pick up racquets anymore. Can tinker with whatever string setups I want, and then just cut the string out if I hate big deal.
Stringing myself hasn't saved me any money. In fact, it's made me spend *more* money on strings because instead of waiting for a job to break or become totally unplayable like I used to, now I restring whenever I feel like it or when I start seeing any slight drop in a stringbed's performance. On the other hand, I've tested out about four years of strings in just 12 months, so I'm a lot more familiar with what's out there. If I had done all the same experimenting at $10-15 labor per stringjob at the local shop, yeah, the machine has almost paid for itself.

I screwed up a weave on the first racquet I strung and didn't catch it. Since then, I rarely make a mistake that can't be fixed. I've watched all of YULitle's YouTube videos and they've helped me a ton. I've never needed to look up a frame's pattern and routinely use box and ATW patterns. I'm by no means an expert, but I can crank out a frame in about an hour from the time I arrive at my work station to the time I put the frame back in the bag. I don't think you'd have any trouble picking it up.
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