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Originally Posted by big bang View Post
I love doing a good job and I enjoy stringing for ppl who is interested in strings and know what the like and dont like. Its great when ppl appreciate a good stringjob, but when ppl just say "just give me some kind of cheap strings" and dont even know what tension they like, then its a bit annoying at times.
I really enjoy doing a good job also, nothing like a smooth string job where everything goes well and you're left with just the minimum amount of string necessary to reach the tension head.

Originally Posted by big bang View Post
But I think Ross could end up being a string addict.
What give you that impression

Originally Posted by big bang View Post
Today we got so many good strings to choose between, it was much easier 20 years ago.
Agreed, there are so many options that it's hard to just focus on the game. There's all these what if's that creep in when you're not having you best day on the court: am I using the right string, is the the best tension for me, should I hybrid, go full poly, is this poly dead etc.......

I don't break poly, so I miss the days of just snapping a string. There was no mystery or intrigue about the playability of the string, it was either good, or it was broken.
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