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MHK, this is what Federer has to say about the second set :

"Q. How affected were you by the first error on the second point of the third set tiebreak and can you take us through what happened?

ROGER FEDERER: In the tiebreaker?

Q. Yes. The second point, you hit it long.

ROGER FEDERER: I hit it long on the forehand, very hard and long (smiling). What happened? Well, I already felt the pressure going into the breaker because he was playing better. You know, he actually deserved to win the set 7 5. But, you know, I got out of it once more because I served well.

Well, what happened is I wanted to play to the backhand side. He just wouldn't move away. He just stands still. So I thought, "Well, if I just place it there, it's not going to be enough." So I overhit it. That obviously gave him a lot of confidence for the rest.

But, you know, I was playing against the sun, and that wasn't comfortable because that didn't happen until that moment in the match. But he was the better player in the end of the second set, for sure, so he deserved it."

I don't know how else do you want him to give more credit to Hewitt. He did make a few easy errors in the TB, but instead of talking about them, he just said Hewitt even deserved to win that set at 7-5 and hewitt was the better player for that set.

Make an effort to read their interviews in full before making easy conclusion.
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