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The thing is $159. I saw it demoed at the a recent WTA tournament. Really supposed to help train you to keep your head down and eye on point of contact. They say 10,000 strokes builds habit and muscle memory. I was really interested in getting it but didn't because it seems gimicky. May be I need to reconsider. I like that you can work on your swing indoors. For working folks who just can't always get to a court, maybe it can really keep you strokes tuned.

Anyone ever use inside?
I was working with a 3.5 woman a few years ago who played very classical tennis--straight back swing and through the ball, very flat with little to no topspin.
In lessons and clinics we'd focus on positioning and situational use for topspin.
for additional stroke reinforcement I let her borrow my accuihit/Hal/whatever its called now.
She would take it to her daughters soccer games and practice on the sidelines as she watched the games.
and at times, she would practice in the garage.

Within a couple weeks of consistent use, she developed a nice low to high swingpath w her own small loop on the backswing.

the added control of topspin gave her alot of confidence and opened the door for greater shot selection.

later that year we was bumped to 4.0
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