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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
I'm guessing they'll be anywhere from 6-9. But, the range could even be 5-10.

In the most current ITA Team rankings, Nebraska is No. 39.

Ohio St. is No. 3
Illinois is No. 18
Minnesota is No. 19
Indiana is No. 26
Michigan is No. 28

[Nebraska is No. 39]

Michigan St. is No. 50
Purdue is No. 66
Iowa is No. 69
Wisconsin is No. 71.

The rest of the schools - Northwestern and Penn St, are unranked.

Based just on ITA rankings, Nebraska would have been 6th this year. But, schools become more bunched talent-wise as you move down the rankings so while rankings are a starting point and you can get a general idea of where they might fall, we can't know for sure. Also, obviously, it matters what recruits are coming in and what players are leaving for all of the Big 10 teams.

Minnesota beat Nebraska fairly easily, 6-1.

Nebraska beat Wisconsin 5-2.

Take from this what you will.

Maybe not a tennis power, but overall a great athletic department and a proud sporting tradition and a very good university. A nice addition to the Big 10.
Thanks. Nice run down. I have always been a Nebraska Cornhusker Fan. All sports. I am excited for the move to the Big 10. Looking at the roster for Neb, looks like they have a number of non americans on the team. Seems to be the trend.
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