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Originally Posted by Will Wilson View Post
They have great, new facilities right in the heart of campus. More importantly, they have a great, young coach who now has the program back to a position of strength. (Minnesota has a long history of solid success in tennis).

with a nice recruiting class coming in next year, The Golden Gophers should be strong for the foreseeable future.
I don't know how much the endowment has to do with the cash for facilities. Over the past decade, it seems that the university has really got behind facility improvment and expansion for revenue and non-revenue sports alike.

Minnesota is in the middle of a pretty big city and metro area, so these improvements not only benefit the team and the university community but a much larger cross section of the public.

For such a cold climate, the Twin Cities is a fairly strong tennis community and there are many interested parties for great facilities -- students and alums, fans, and even the general public who can use the Baseline Tennis Center at certain times. The BTC isn't just home to the Gophers, a lot of different people and groups from the community utilize the facilities.

It should be noted that the University of Minnesota for a long time has had the Baseline Club, which is basically a booster club for tennis, similar to how college football has boosters, but obviously on a smaller scale. They deserve much of the credit for raising the money for such a great facility. Thought the univerisity kicked in some money, a lot of money came from private donations, and many of those donations came via the Baseline Club.
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