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Default wilson excalibur and some others

well, here in Portugal it's very hard to find some nice deals, but there are some exceptions:

I got an add from a guy selling a 12 rackets pack for 200€ in Lisbon

The list was very impressive, and once me and my coach got to the meeting spot, there was a great extra that wasn't in the announced pack: one wilson excalibur - this one from this thread, in mint condition, no cover included

there's one of thoise rackets being sold in an dutch auction website for € 950,00 - that could be too much, but i'm sure the racket worth much more than the 200€ we paid for all the pack - here

for 100€ (i bought that pack along with my tennis coach) i got a POG series 90 (8/10 condition), one head prestige 600 (9/10) and a mint pro staff 6.0 95(absolutely no scratches) - this is a very, very nice bargain here, in Portugal.

my coach got a prince Michael Chang, one pro staff 6.1 classic strech, both 8/10 condition, a couple of other uninteresting rackets and that excalibur - and i had to call him lucky *******, that's a life time racket deal, buying for 20 € a racket that worth at least 500 €...
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