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Originally Posted by niketennispro View Post
hey pvaudio, have you tried weisscannon scorpion and babolat pro hurricane and can give me a direct comparison? ive decided to choose between these two for my new string
You can't ask me to do that! PH18 and Scorpion 1.22 are two of my top 4 favorite strings ever. The list, as reposted from an earlier post and expanded to include more than just poly:

1. WC Scorpion 1.22
2. Performaxx WhisperTouch natural gut
3. WC Black5Edge
5. Babolat Pro Hurricane 18
Technifibre NRG2 1.18

The original PH is still really the yardstick for all-around poly strings while ALU is the yardstick for powerful polys. It's been around forever, and I still love it.
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