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Hi guys,
As the brand has reissued the Prince Original Graphite 90 and as the Graphite Pro 90 (1986) just plays much much better, I have decided to put up a petition for a reissue of the Prince Graphite Pro 90, the most incredible stick of the universe !
Would you be in ? I think if we manage to have 10 signatures, it could not be ignored longer by the people in charge...

@ Don't Let It Bounce : You were right : hard to backup, as nothin seems to compare in the newer issues !
I tried the Diablo TOUR MP to backup it (in a lighter model, for competition). Bad idea. Kind of the same butterly feel, really good racket, but not as stability and connection to the ball at all. I guess the MID would be better in terms of weight and plowthrough, but it's way stiffer isn't it ? I 'll try the O3 TOUR MS soon.
I guess anyway that there's a true heredity between the graphite Pro and the Diablo, as their shapes are reaaaaly similar... did you notice that ?
Prince Ozone TOUR MP + MSV co-Focus 1.27 @ 50/48 lbs
Prince Graphite Pro 90 / Dunlop 4D 100

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