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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
paul -- it's our first win of the season. should be a good season. are you playing this season or taking a break?

i've made a couple of attempts at making kai rabert at home. always using ground chicken and chopped garlic and those little red peppers. i've tried olive oil and peanut oil. always use sugar and fish sauce. i've tried thai basil but can never find holy basil. i've used regular basil and it just plain sucks. i've thrown in bean sprouts and onions. i'll try your suggestion of tamarind. i'm not even sure what that is but i'm sure i've tasted it before. and i think lime juice is part of the sour component. oh and runny fried eggs i think makes the dish. i've also tried it with different rice -- jasmine, sushi, brown. jasmine is best.

zap -- if you set up a twmac tennis outing with all of watching the legends, put me down. i'll go but i'll likely need a ride. i can meet at pretty much any metro stop.
I'm not playing this year and probably done with USTA. Not happy with the knee or my tennis game most days...

You've definitely had tamarind before. It is one of the more flavorful sour component of Thai cooking vs lime juice. Thai basil is the way to go and easy to find/grow. I'm not particular fond of runny eggs but to each his/her own. Jasmine rice for this dish is definitely the way to go, although really good high quality brown rice would be awesome too.

P.S. Traditional Vietnamese sour soup (which you've probably had before), the sour component is the tamarind.

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