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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
I recall Borg against Vijay Amritraj in the 1974 US Open had a really long game in that match at 4-2 for Vijay in the fifth.

I think Borg and Laver had a really long game (from reading about it) in their match in the 1975 WCT Championship.

It's not something I keep track of but I'll try to think of some.

Edit-I tried to find some newspaper accounts of the Borg/Laver WCT match but the only thing I could find was that it was a 4 hour and 5 minute match. I would guess there were some long games. I thought I read something about them playing a twenty point game or so. Could be wrong.
Yes, Vijay held for 5-2 in the fifth set after 9 deuces.

Re Borg-Laver, that would be interesting if they had a marathon game, or more than one.
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