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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Probably (in terms of time) when Chris Evert was playing on clay. How long does it take to hit 100 moonballs? Then they have to play the second point.
Evert hardly ever hit a 'moonball' in her rallies. She used them to either mix things up, or catch her breath. She hit pretty flat with just enough spin for margin, with her woodie,even on clay. She added some more top for margin as she learned to put more pace with newer technology for further control of the power. As for the length of those rallies, well that was up to her opponent. How long did they want to wait before loosing it LOL. Borg on clay was worse - and watching Nystrom was was like War and Peace without the exciting scenes.

I do admit that in a match of Evert vs Manuela Maleeva or Austin, we could wait a very long time for an indeterminate conclusion.

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