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d wayne
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Default leather grip weight vs synthetic

I am currently using Gamma HiTec synthetic grips on my Dunlop mFil 300 rackets. They are out of spec, so I had removed the bumper guard from one to try to lessen the amount of lead needed on the other, but the swing of each racket feels different due to change in weight distribution.
I plan to have the bumper guard replaced next time I string it. Obviously, I will need to add more lead to the other to get them matched.
Once this is done, I will need to add weight in the handle to bring the balance back to its current state.
I am considering going to leather grips instead of adding lead in the handle.
Does anyone know the difference in weight between a leather grip & the HiTec I currently use? I wrote Gamma but got a reply that there is not much difference. I am guessing that the leather grip is at least 1/10 or 2/10 ounce heavier.
Any help is appreciated
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