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Originally Posted by eidolonshinobi View Post
LOL by far the B6s were the most durable shoe I've worn to date. I was barely able to make the cut off at 5 months with the heel finally breaking to the core rubber.
Yeah, I had no problem wearing down the CB 2.3's and BV's and the Propulse II's were a joke, but man... the B6 is insane... It's probably because I haven't been playing 6 hours a week like I did when I had those other shoes. My High School's courts got torn out April Last year and they are just now finishing them. Gotta love the public school system! Anyways I wore the B6's for a tournament today and I think I broke through to something... It's very strange and doesn't really look like a hole, but I have no idea what else it could be.
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