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Hi, I just picked up the exact Silver Ace 90 this weekend you guys are talking about! I have a jewelry scale I use to weight tennis racquets and this beast weighed in at 12.84 ounces as bought with the original ProKennex leather grip... I restrung it with some red poly in the mains and then I put 15g nylon in the crosses... because I wanted them black... and put on a cushion grip. It now weights 12.7 ounce... I used to hit with a 13 ounce Wilson Tour 90 but this thing swings heavy! It almost feels head heavy but it's the swing weight... it's over 6 pts head light. It doesn't feel like my old Tour 90s... but I really like it for some reason

I did re-install those 6 customizable grommet weights (that weigh 0.3 oz each) and I think I will re-string the crosses with some 17 g synthetic nylon without the grommet weights and put on a lighter grip and see how that fares. Stripped with no grip nor strings, it weighed 11.99 ounces.
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