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Originally Posted by @wright
I'm kinda surprised that the anti-fed bandwagon is starting to form.
Oh? as opposed to the "Federer is God" bandwagon that's been here for a while? or how about a combination of that and the "Rod-dick sucks" group?

Anybody who's "anti-Fed" is inept to what true tennis ***-kickery is. I doubt there's an anti-fed bandwagon on this board but I 'm assuming I'm one of the posters you're talking about.

I think what turns us "anti-Fed" people off is the quickness of how people are writing him as invincible, God-like, etc. Something only Sampras (so far) is worthy of IMO.

It's the hypocrisy of Federer being accepted as a masturbating tool and at the same time, making it a cardinal sin to praise Roddick for his accomplishments.

I'll admit that the Roddick haters have been shut up recently. By the same token, these are probably the same posters making "Fed is God/Oprah/Zeus" posts so hopefully us "anti-Feds" will see more rational posts in the future.
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