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Good weekend of practice. Didn't get in as much as I wanted to because of time constraints on Sat, and mother's Day Sun.

Sat I got to hit about 1/2 hour of groundstrokes with alternating guys. Couldn't really get into much of a rhythm, but at least I was out there getting my depth perception back, getting used to sun and wind, and finding my contact point.

Sunday I worked on my FH a good amount, continuing to try to groove the straighter arm, and take the ball earlier with it. Worked on the BH aswell, but just a bit, also trying to get the left arm straighter, as well as the whole shot looser.

Biggest work Sunday came on serve. First I worked on getting a little more shape on the ball through the air, then more net clearance. I went to the wall, and marked off 18" above the net level, and served so that the ball hit at least at that mark to get myself into the habit of serving higher over the net.

After that I went out onto the court, and started serving from 1/2 court arcing the ball in, and then moved back a few feet at a time until the baseline.

Ended up moving my toss a bit to my right, so that it was almost straight in front of me, and then moving it a good amount into the court.

With the toss, I have to toss it, and let it bounce to see where it lands, because to my perception, it seems like the ball is soooo far inside the court, when it really isn't at all.

After about 20 minutes of serving on the court, I began the process of actually serving hard again. Amazing what I reduced to because of injuries, and habit. It is a bit frightening to serve for real because I am afraid of hurting myself if I mistime the ball, but I loosened up and started throwing my shoulder at the ball, instead of the racquet. It was pretty nice to effortlessly hit a nasty serve. For first day of serving practice, I was pretty happy with the result. With dead balls out of my bag I had a few hitting 6' up on the back fence, which more than made up for some of the spectacular misses.

Rested yesterday to see how my body felt after serving. Felt great. Will see if I can get some video in the next couple of days.

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