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Originally Posted by jones101 View Post
Rafa lost a match on clay
His opponent was inspired
Then he strugles in his next match
His performance was truly dire

The match was tight,
he gave his fans a fright,
he was hanging on a wire.
Lets not forget the Italian though,
the dude was just one fire

Whispers start to escalate
Debating on the Spainiards fate
'Has Novak taken Rafa's place?'
'Can he win RG in his current state?'
Rafa dont you worry mate
You just let the haters hate

People still believe in you
You still have Majors to acrew
Your FH is still pure and true
Noone fights as much as you

Your buddy Fed is a prime example
they say he been finished since 2008
Keep stacking trophies on your mantle
They just dont appreaciate!
GREAT stuff. Thanks for posting this!!
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