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Three grand slams all in a row,
he started living in that glow,
the fans don't hesitate to gloat,
"Fed no longer is the GOAT."

Then surfaces just got too fast,
But these don't matter,
Wait til their past.
And WTF, well Nad's was gassed.

2 0 1 1 then came around,
Rafa was nowhere to be found,
The Serb with verve, he did much better,
he had no need to play five setters!

Now on clay the Joker strikes,
And fans are ****ed,
"That just ain't right!"
They hope he can put up a fight.
Australian Open 2012 for the first time Nadal has the same amount of slams as Federer at his age, in the race to GOATness.
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