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Default Venus' First Impression...

Even though Serena is doing better nowdays, I still feel the sense of Venus' first impression. Venus stormed out on the scene and had alot of success (remember when she was 14 and beat the no.50 player in the World and had world no.1 Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario 6-2,3-1 before losing?) Venus had better results when she first came onto the scene compared to Serena's when she made her debut. Venus dominated their head to heads until recently. Face it, Serena would be no way near what she is today without Venus. Serena thrived off Venus' success. Venus was the gate crasher for the Williams family. It seemed that whenever Venus got to no.1 in the world, that ****ed Serena off and from there she took over partially due to Venus' sympathy and passiveness towards her sister....

I'd give anything to see Venus work a little harder and redeem herself. Venus has the game to be better than anyone else, including Serena. But the question is does she have the heart to get out of her current slump and beat Serena? I hope so.

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