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At a bar that will remain nameless in Chicago, by chance, I had a bottle of FFF Gumballhead and I was blown away. I wanted to see if it was a honeymoon high so I set out to buy some for home consumption. Yesterday I had a chance to hit several liquor stores large and small and try to procure a six-pack, at least. Well, I got a lesson on how difficult it is to find 3 Floyds beer. Particularly Gumballhead.

At Binny's, the largest and most complete chain of liquor stores in the Chicago area, I saw the usual microbrews lined up; Goose Island, Bells, SN, Dogfishead, Flying Dog, etc. and not ever looking for 3 Floyds specifically, I assumed I wasn't looking close enough or I didn't recognize the packaging (much of the product packaging does blend together at some point) . At the customer service desk, I asked,

"Do you not stock 3 Floyds beer?".

The guy I was speaking to raised an eyebrow and lowered a half-smirk. The three other employees at the desk turned and glared at me with looks of annoyance bordering on shock.

"Uhmm, Gumballhead, maybe?"

You would think I was asking them to poop bricks of gold bullion.

Similar scenes played out the four other stores I visited.

Does anyone know if they sell their product at their brew pub in Munster? It's only an hour round trip from where I am.
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