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Originally Posted by dParis View Post
At a bar that will remain nameless in Chicago, by chance, I had a bottle of FFF Gumballhead and I was blown away. I wanted to see if it was a honeymoon high so I set out to buy some for home consumption. Yesterday I had a chance to hit several liquor stores large and small and try to procure a six-pack, at least. Well, I got a lesson on how difficult it is to find 3 Floyds beer. Particularly Gumballhead.

At Binny's, the largest and most complete chain of liquor stores in the Chicago area, I saw the usual microbrews lined up; Goose Island, Bells, SN, Dogfishead, Flying Dog, etc. and not ever looking for 3 Floyds specifically, I assumed I wasn't looking close enough or I didn't recognize the packaging (much of the product packaging does blend together at some point) . At the customer service desk, I asked,

"Do you not stock 3 Floyds beer?".

The guy I was speaking to raised an eyebrow and lowered a half-smirk. The three other employees at the desk turned and glared at me with looks of annoyance bordering on shock.

"Uhmm, Gumballhead, maybe?"

You would think I was asking them to poop bricks of gold bullion.

Similar scenes played out the four other stores I visited.

Does anyone know if they sell their product at their brew pub in Munster? It's only an hour round trip from where I am.
I get that when looking for Pliny here in Cali. Seems like a lot of beer stores are really turning against Russian River. My fave spot to buy beer just got their "card" revoked by Russian River. Apparently, the guy is hard core about keeping the beer refrigerated at a certain temp all along the process and they must have messed up somewhere along the line. That's the second place to lose Pliny in 2 months. Still haven't decided if the Russian River guy is a mad genius or just a d*ck. The beer is great and all but it's not like there aren't acceptable alternatives.
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