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Originally Posted by Nojoke View Post
Today is the day! Finally get to hit the new plat 99.

Bounced a few balls off the house yesterday just to see how it felt. Didn't last long because my jack russell kept stealing the ball. Little dude would catch the ball on the fly off the wall in his mouth. He'd be a good net man!

Can't tell too much just hitting some soft groundies off a house in the grass, but no way is flex in the 70s. My pdrgt is in the 70s and it is way stiffer. But the plat, although not as still, feels more substantial and solid.

Anyway, I'll give my first impressions after my match today. I'm playing someone I usually beat, so if I lose it must be the racket's fault!
yeah, I have no clue where they come up with the flex numbers, they seem to be way off, I'd say its around 62.
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