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Originally Posted by LawnChairGeneral View Post
jlan - how far over your target spec was the silver? Was it close or way off?

I too am interested in the silver (if TW ever gets it in...), but am concerned about it getting too heavy after customization.
My Silver weighed 311g unstrung when I got it. After stringing it weighed 328g. Adding an overgrip made it 332g.

I always use a leather grip with an overgrip on top so I replaced the stock synthetic grip, which weighed 12g, for an old TW leather grip I had around which was 22g.

After all that, the racquet weighed 342g, which is 22g heavier than what I would prefer.

In stock form, the Silver already plays great. But, if you want to do some modifications, you can probably estimate off my numbers to what yours may end up like.

Originally Posted by tennisfarmer View Post
Can anyone answer my questions:

1) Are the dual cores better than the xenecores?
2) The dual cores promote comfort yet they are stiff racquets,why?
1) It's all a matter of preference. Demo the X-Series now and then again when TW gets the X-Duals.

2) As noted on their website, Donnay states the stiffness ratings are done on the raw frame. After stringing it feels closer to the mid 60s.

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