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Originally Posted by LawnChairGeneral View Post
Wow! Donnay advertises the silver as 11.1oz strung, so I would expect it to arrive somewhere around 298g....not 311g! Looks like the string alone put you over your 320g limit. Most have said that the heavier racquets feel lighter than they actually are due to the HL balance and thin beam (faster swing). I hope this will offset the extra mass that I will eventually add to the silver. Now I just need a demo to see for myself. Thanks for sharing jlan.
No problem Yeah, I was pretty surprised at the difference in weight from advertised specs when I got it. I'll probably call and request for the lowest weighted frame when I order the Silver Lite.

The thin beams really do cut through the air very fast, which is why I think they swing lighter than what their weights would indicate. How much weight do you think you'll be adding?
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