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Originally Posted by Nojoke View Post
Well . . . where to begin. I guess my first impression isn't as glowing as I'd hoped. But at the same time I think it went better than expected. Confused? Me too.

Played someone I am familiar with and have good matches with. Won in three sets, going 6-0 in third. So that must be pretty good considering I never used this racket before. Plat 99, btw.

But it wasn't a life altering experience. I think it may be the strings. I strung up turbo twist at 52. Felt almost mushy. I think I need something crisper. I think my biggest complaint thus far would be that when I went to really put some power into a shot, it didn't seem to be there.

Serves: good directional control, nice spin. When I went big and flat it went in, but it didn't feel heavy or as powerful as it should have been given the swing I put on the ball.

Volleys: very good. Great touch on touch shots, good pop on put aways.

Backhand slice was good. Sometimes it floated, but I knifed a bunch today that just skipped off the ground. Hit some real nice down the line topspin backhands, too. Those seemed to have good pop.

Forehand gave good topspin and control, but again when I had an open court and went to put a bit extra on it, it didn't feel like it was there. I did fly a few too. More than with my K90, less than with my pdrgt.

The lack of oomph, I think, may be because the racket feels so light. If I didn't weigh it, there is no way I would believe the racket weighed 12.3 ounces and there is no way it is 70 flex. Absolutely no way. It does swing very fast, so I'm sure there will be an adjustment period.

I'm thinking it was the strings. I think I need a crisper string, strung more loosely. PP, this is where you say B5e at 50 lbs. You may be right on this one. I think BHBR may work well too because it is powerful and spinny and crisper (to me at least) that turbotwist.

The Plat 99 was also very comfortable, and even though our match lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes, I was not tired from swinging it all, unlike the k90.

So, given what seems to be a string issue, I guess I should be pretty impressed with the bottom line, which is the racket allowed me to play good enough to beat a good player the very first time I used the racket. I thinking new strings, and maybe a leather grip will solidify the feel a bit. I'd prefer not to start adding weight though because it will climb fast.

I'm not sure if you prefer poly string, but I have found that a good multi filament works great in my DC Gold. It gives the racquet a crisper feel and better feedback, plus it will offer more pop. It is also more comfy and will save your arm.

Another thing that may have caused your feel and low power is the tight string pattern. Typically a tight pattern offers better control and less pop. Some feel is normally lost as well. Because of the tight pattern, if you are a string breaker, this should help a multi or natural gut last longer, because the strings don't move around as much.

I don't know if you've tried any of the original racquets, but they do typically offer more feel than the Dual Cores. To me the Blue's were the stiffest and closest to the feel of the Dual Core's. They are all very good sticks, but unfortunatly you may have to try several before you find what fits your needs best. They are all different.
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