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Good questions to ask as red Har-Tru and red brick clay play differently. Red clay also clumps more and can be harder to maintain, which might mean higher costs to play (just speculating).

If you're looking for more of a red clay experience in the US, try to find Har-Tru that is irrigated. Our club has two HT courts with underground irrigation, which keeps them moist all of the time. Also, the amount of, or depth of material makes a difference. These courts have a good thick layer of material on the surface, and coupled with the irrigation, play soft and slow, closer to red clay. Dry Har-Tru with less surface material will play harder and faster (and kick up more dust).
Very good points. Often, American Har-Tru (at least from what I've seen) is rarely as well-maintained as the courts at your club and is often relatively dry and a relatively thin surface.

I still think you get some good clay court experience under those conditions -- it's still slippery and it helps to slide, there are still erratic bounces, the ball still kicks up on many shots more so than on hardcourts, and it is generally slower than even today's slow hardcourts.

But, I do believe courts such as those at your club or red clay would be a better, more genuine clay experience.

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