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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Hey do u compare the 98D to the London? They have very similar specs. How do they compare in power, feel, stiffness and sweetspot? I am trying both right now and I seem to play better with the 98D, but I like the feel of the flexy London better. Why can't I have both???!!!
I've only played with the 95d... I'm tempted to try the 98 because I think the larger sweetspot would be beneficial but I have a feeling it's gonna be too light and a little stiffer than I'd like....

In general, I think the Vcores and the London are two entirely different racquets though. I found the power levels to be similar but the London has more feel. I think both produce a different kinda of ball as the London has more topspin and can be more loopy while the vcores hit a more penetrating ball....
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