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Originally Posted by TheOneHander View Post

Andy Roddick is furious with ATP Tour officials after he and Mardy Fish were only given semifinalists' prize money after they pulled out of the Rome doubles final against fellow Americans John Isner and Sam Querrey due to a shoulder injury to Roddick.

The Times of London reported that the ATP docked Roddick and Fish $31,400  after they pulled out of the final at 5 PM so could catch a flight to Dusseldorf for World Team Cup, where the organisers were allegedly threatening sanctions if they did not turn up in time to play.

"We’re going to have to beg for the money we’ve earned,” Roddick said. "Why should Mardy be punished when I can’t play? Mardy has played the [semifinal] match, he won the match, he earned the money, you can’t take away something he has already done. This is embarrassing for the Tour. The ATP people said they could not make a unilateral decision so I either take a chance with the appeal process or I played with a shoulder that didn’t give us much chance of winning and had a risk for the future. I would have had to play the full match. I asked if I played a point and then withdrew what would happen and they said the same thing, so it would have been an hour mockery as opposed to a five-minute mockery. The ATP stands for Association of Tennis Professionals; it should be the Association of Tie People."

The ATP put the rule in place to deter players from  abandoning doubles matches without good cause.
Looks like from the bolded parts, Roddick was sticking up for Mardy because of something that was unfair... Nowhere in this report does it say anything about Andy wanting prize money and points for himself; he doesn't even play doubles on a regular basis anyway. He is making a stand on a decision that was unfair to the players, out of principle, and I wouldn't consider that stupid or being grumpy.

People are quick to put the blame on Andy whenever a rant with his name shows up... Some simple reading would tell you that he is not even concerned about what happens to him, but is instead speaking out on something that is unfair to his teammate.
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