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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Thanks Charlie. I started sleeping in a wrist brace. It is just a wrap with a hole for my thumb that wraps around the wrist.

Is there an even better brace I should consider..something for the thumb itself, or am I good.

Surprisingly I can do the diagrammed exercise without pain, but everything else that is described sounds accurate.

Usually it is exactly that motion of ulnar deviation that causes the discomfort.

So here is the problem with being really sure about any diagnosis or treatment without an exam.

In any event, if it still is De Quervain's stenosing tenosynovitis, a splint that immobilizes the thumb is usually advised to prevent this exact ulnar devation motion that causes the tendons to move back and forth through that tendon sheath.

But the wrist is a very complex area and there a lot of tendons and nerves that have to squeeze through the relatively narrow wrist to control the larger area distally in the hand and fingers:

So it is also possible that you have a different problem, like tendonitis of the flexor carpi radialis, in which case the pain would be less along the side of the wrist and more over the front of the wrist on the thumb side (along the path of the Flex. carp. rad. as labelled above), and which wouldn't need a wrist splint that included the thumb.
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