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I appreciate your help on this. Obviously I need to bite the bullet and find a doc, it just sucks because I have not used my health insurance at all, and have not touched the deductible. I have a feeling this could get costly in a hurry.

I also think I may have the wrong brace since my thumb hurts and is part of this pain. Makes it tough to grip the racquet on groundies. The sharp inside wrist pain happens on the 2 handed backhand (conti grip on injured right hand) and serves. Serves can be almost impossible right now. Lately the pain has seemed to creep towards the middle of the wrist on the topspide of the arm towards the ulnar side, and sometimes I can feel the tendons hurting in my forehand like I need to stretch them out.

Have had this thumb pain on and off, but I also hurt my wrist further a few months back on a serve and even with a week or 2 off it does not get much better.
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