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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Guess no one has feedback on Scorpion but just another update on my VS Team mains and WC Silverstring. I initially review this string and didn't really think WC SS was anything special. But after 12 hours hitting with this racquet, it now has soften up to the point where it feels really nice. The SS does not notch into the gut mains and has made them last considerably longer than if using a full bed of natural gut.

I did not even put string savers on this particular racquet and the strings show no significant signs of fraying. So the only downside for me about WC SS is the substantial break in time before SS softens up as tension maintenance is still good even after 12 hours of hitting.
Sounds like I'll be trying WC Silverstring. The Poly Nova 17 I use in the cross seems to work well but I think SS wont saw through the gut as much.
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