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Originally Posted by azn_lefty_roddick_jr View Post
Looks like from the bolded parts, Roddick was sticking up for Mardy because of something that was unfair... Nowhere in this report does it say anything about Andy wanting prize money and points for himself; he doesn't even play doubles on a regular basis anyway. He is making a stand on a decision that was unfair to the players, out of principle, and I wouldn't consider that stupid or being grumpy.

People are quick to put the blame on Andy whenever a rant with his name shows up... Some simple reading would tell you that he is not even concerned about what happens to him, but is instead speaking out on something that is unfair to his teammate.

Well, let him give some money to Fish then, if he is so concerned and conceding that its his fault in the first place.

Roddicks frat boy, spoiled, persona is getting and looking real old - just like his hair line!
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