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Look at all you guys hating on Roddick saying how horrible he is. So lets see, Federer is God and ranked #1, Roddick is horrible and ranked #2, that means #3 all the way down must play like crap floating in the toilet, 'cause they sure can't beat Andy.

I mean damn, don't say he sucks just because you don't like him. For example, I hate J "the Hand" Double H with a passion, but do I put down the little gremlin's game? Heck no. She's got skills for sure, but I do wish to see the Belgian troll lose every match there is. Oh yes, I hate J "the Hand" Double H, I truly do.

All in all, I hope A-Rod wins Wimbledon. If he doesn't, no big deal, but if he does, I'll come back here laughing for sure. Alright then ladies and gentlemen, that's all from your gracious keeper of good will for now. Have a nice day.
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