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Looks much better. Overall a big improvement.

A few comments:

- Still took me a minute to remember you were in Kansas! I guess only people in that area will have the website address? "I live in KC on the Plaza" for example would have been enough. Or maybe "KC's home of the rubber band dampener" or similar...

- You might want to offer more than two strings in your price list. For me that's a big downside. Even if you only have one set of each in stock it's worth it I would think. So so many rec players I know ask for NXT or TNT it's ridiculous. Typically there's a "favourite" in your area.

- What's the turnaround time? Do you pickup/deliver?

- If it was me I would have someone take a picture or two of you stringing or similar to put on the "about me" page. Gives confidence.

Hope it helps

Cheers, Orig
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