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Originally Posted by SeriousSummer View Post

This doesn't mean I'm going to change styles. I enjoy putting the pressure on my opponent and love to hit big volleys and overheads. There's nothing at stake except bragging rights, so I'm going to play the style that's fun, rather than the style that was effective.

I thought, though that it was an interesting experiment.
Well, I know of what you speak. I have had different tennis coaches tell me different things over the last couple of years, and I often hear: "Don't hit the ball any harder than you have to to get it in."

My temperament is to like to spank the ball. Then I ran across an article on one of the tennis sites I subscribe to describing temperaments and styles of playing tennis.

Personally I find it more effective to go with your own style that is comfortable and build ones own game around it. People who are cautious in general will play cautious, more calculating style. Those more extroverted "red" types will play an aggressive style.

I think to be true to my temperament style, and then play using my natural assets first, and gradually bring up the liabilities in my game with practice and lessons is what I have found the MOST ENJOYABLE way for me to learn to play the game.

For myself I would rather go down in flames hitting full out than trying to craftily place the ball. My husband plays the opposite game and we make good doubles partners because we each deliver a different style.

I'm all for having fun and doing what comes more naturally as far as styles.
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