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Originally Posted by origmarm View Post
Looks much better. Overall a big improvement.

A few comments:

- Still took me a minute to remember you were in Kansas! I guess only people in that area will have the website address? "I live in KC on the Plaza" for example would have been enough. Or maybe "KC's home of the rubber band dampener" or similar...

- You might want to offer more than two strings in your price list. For me that's a big downside. Even if you only have one set of each in stock it's worth it I would think. So so many rec players I know ask for NXT or TNT it's ridiculous. Typically there's a "favourite" in your area.

- What's the turnaround time? Do you pickup/deliver?

- If it was me I would have someone take a picture or two of you stringing or similar to put on the "about me" page. Gives confidence.

Hope it helps

Cheers, Orig
I agree with all of the above and think you're right. Had some debate about the name for the business considering I am only local, but figured the upsides for leaving it open to expansion (unlikely) was advantageous compared to limiting it with some odd specialized domain name.

Thinking a small description/summary of everything might be appropriate for the front page, this might also be a good way to mention that I am in Kansas City. I'm on the Missouri side, actually.

Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
I agree with much of the above advice. Find another way to express the value that you give and your expertise as a stringer.
My local big box store offers PSGD@$20 and stringing labor only @$12!
I have had to find another way.
I stock reels of Sweet16, OGSM17, MCS, SPPP16L, and BHBR17 plus a few specialty strings and I tell them that MY strings are better than the strings at the store at a competitive price with a quicker turnaround and more consistent quality.
Things are tough here in Vegas!
BTW If you are THAT meticulous; spell it right!
Hahaha... Good catch on "meticulous"... Can't believe I did that!

I've found that the majority of players here with synthetic guts are perfectly happy with Prince Synthetic Gut W/Duraflex and are familiar with Wilson and will happily go with the Wilson Extreme (which I think is better). I haven't found a single person who wasn't ok with my string selection, especially after discussion with me.

However, I agree with you. I have a massive tennis store in my area and have access to most any string, so I should probably add a note about that.

Also agree with your first comment. I will think about ways to accomplish this.

Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
What about Racquetball in the winter?

Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Took a quick look, on the About Me page you may want to change the text color from black to white so that it is more readable. Good luck with your business.
Done. What do you think?

Originally Posted by eliza View Post
I was going to tell him check copyright before and ask permisssion (often if you explain you are starting they will allow use of pics and give you a release, but get everything in writing). Also check any use of trademarked/patented pics (say Babolat, Dunlop racquets, logos etc.)
Done! See my previous post.

Thanks guys! Really appreciate the input. I've made a few changes according to the comments above and of course, there are many more to come. I've also added a Facebook "Like" button, which somehow feels like some sort of odd milestone. If you'd "Like" me on Facebook while browsing through and catching my errors and missteps, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Thinking of adding some things to the site (in addition to some other changes, which I should be focusing on), however, I really want to keep things uncluttered. I spend a good amount of time complaining about cluttered websites, so I need to control myself. Would an RSS feed showing AP Tennis results or something of the sort be too much? What about a listing of local USTA events and such? Is it a bad idea to let things wonder a bit? A page with all of those things, including weather? Or something?

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