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1. As stated before you need to put a more modern racket/string on your main page. APD GT, BLX, IG Speed, etc., something that modern players and kids can identify with.

2. You need to let the customers know that you carry all the major brands (if you don't, you need to.) Your website gives the impression that we only have 2 choices. 99.99% of non-TT players want the name brands that the pros use. They don't want no-name brand from a no-name stringer. If Big 5 or Sports Chalet started carrying Topspin, BHBR, B5E, etc., it's one thing. If you ONLY carry those, they will think you are weird. Offer them the choices of Babolats, Lux, Wilson AND more TT-oriented brands such as Topspin, Signum, Tourna, Polystar, etc. to show you have a more in depth knowledge of strings than the big store employees.

3. Why no phone number on the website? I never trust a company or a website with no phone number.
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