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I'll take a moderate view on this post. Zen, your post sounded very childish but nevertheless, you do have a point, Roddick bashing isn't 100% justified, but there are many justifications. First off, Roddick is an annoying ***** on court, if you try and deny that, then you have as much credibility as a drunk guy saying that he found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Second, he is way way way too overhyped by the US.(It's like WWII, Mussolini and Hitler used nationalism to turn Germany and Italy against the allied powers) I mean, have you seen those ESPN clips where they show some pictures of Roddick, where he always ends off with some serious face holding up a US flag, and then they show these totally outrageous words like "victory, firecracker, figjam, champion" (btw first off TY ESPN for showing Federer, you're starting to get better, and that spy music during the clip of Federer Grosjean was hilarious, FedEx= 007 of Tennis hahah). The funniest thing about this was I remember when Roddick lost at the French, the commentators admitted it, and then they showed the clip and the last word before the commercial break was victory, adn then they showed the replay of him losing the match. Third, frankly, he is stopping us from seeing Federer. It's like seeing Barry Bonds getting walked the whole game or going to the beach and having the view of a pretty girl being blocked. Finally, his game lacks dimension. He uses a very unilateral approach, serve the ball really hard and use the forehand to get a break. As for your argument of Roddick being famous, he is famous for two reasons, first he dated Mandy Moore, second ESPN only shows that guy. Ok, I guess I just bashed him, sorry, it's so tempting, haha. Anyway, even I will admit his backhand and volley are getting better. His game is getting better and I couldn't return his serve from 20 feet behind the baseline, he is the highest ranked US player in the world, he's like the vice president of tennis, he is very marketable and he is the reigning US champion. So I will give Roddick his due, he's one hell of a player, but I still think your last name is RodDICK for a reason and if Ancic doesn't get the job done, then Federer will.
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