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Played a league singles match last night with my new VCore 98D and it performed very well. Not once did the racquet "get in the way". It just let me play as I wanted to and I that's all u can ask. Great power and you can swing away as hard as you like. A moderate long old school swing gives you a nice flat deep ball, where a faster loopy swing gives you a dipping topspin shot. Serves were great...either a hard flat one or a spinny topspin or kick. Very manuevarable racquet as well and I am playing it stock. It won't get pushed around at my level (3.5-4.0) and the lighter swingweight helps when out of position. Volleys were also great and were easy to punch with good pace. Only negative was that I am still adjusting a little to the Yonex headshape and the sweetspot isn't overly large, but adequate and provides good accuracy when u hit it. The racquet has a 65 stiffness and it feels about right...not flexy but not too stiff...just comfortably firm. No lingering arm or elbow pain after playing.

Really a great stick that should work well for 3.5-5.0 players. I also added my own "flare" to the buttcap and that made a huge difference for me in the way it felt in my hands. I built up the flar under the grip with some rolled up hockey tape and it feels great now. I dont like that flat Yonex buttcap.
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