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Originally Posted by tangerine View Post
Making sense is not allowed on TW. Banned!
Oh gosh... I hope you're only joking. I love it here at TT! D:

Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Well, let him give some money to Fish then, if he is so concerned and conceding that its his fault in the first place.

Roddicks frat boy, spoiled, persona is getting and looking real old - just like his hair line!
Looks like he won't be needing to donate his winnings to Fish, since he withdrew from the next tournament... They ought to give Mardy and him their rightfully-earned money now, or Andy will DEFINITELY have the right to blow s*** up!

And he's far from a frat boy; he's just an animated personality on the tour, compared to all those self-reserved people... I should know, I attend a college that is second-ranked in Greek life in the nation.
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